OT Primer – Garage Floor Primer

OT Primer – Garage Floor Primer is a highly specialised twin-pack epoxy floor primer. Formulated to tenaciously adhere to contaminated concrete floors impregnated with almost any oil or grease. These include animal, vegetable, or mineral-based oils.

We truly believe this is one of the best concrete floor primers available and will ensure long-lasting so you don’t have to keep reapplying floor paints with coats of paint every few months.

  • Oil Tolerant Epoxy Floor Primer
  • Water-reactive and unparalleled oil-binding properties
  • Highly resistant to rear side soaking from both oil and water
  • Ideal for engineering, garage and workshops floors
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Solvent free formulation
  • Perfect for ensuring floor paints adhere to almost any concrete floor
  • XFH (Extra Fast Hardening) version available where downtime is limited

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OT Primer – Garage Floor Primer Product Details

Since 1991, Polycote have laid thousands of square metres of floor paint in all types of vehicle garages and workshops and we fully understand the on-going issues caused by the presence of oil within the floor.

We have helped thousands of customers, many of which were painting their floors on a regular basis, often every three months. But with a revolutionary oil tolerant OT Primer this can stop.

The water-reactive and oil binding properties which are highly resistant to rear side soaking from both oil and water, not only offer a tenacious adhesion to the contaminated floor, but also ensure a total seal of the concrete floor or surface.

OT Primer – Garage Floor Primer can be applied to both dry and damp surfaces and is suitable for use prior to the application of a top coat. Garage floor Paint (Flortex Professional) is an ideal floor paint for almost any concrete floor. Whether it’s one coat or two coats this floor paint is one of our best.

The repair of garage floors with Cretex OT Mortar Garage Floor Repair or the installation of a new self-levelling screed (Easi-Screed Industrial).


  • Garages
  • Workshops
  • MOT Bays
  • Inspection Pits
  • Wash Bays
  • Fuel Areas
  • Chemical Bunds
  • Customer Waiting Areas
  • Production Areas
  • Ramps & Steps
  • Showrooms
  • Storage Areas
  • Car Parks
  • Almost any concrete floor – porous dusty concrete, bare concrete and new concrete floor

Alternative Products

Specialist Garage Floor Primer

A major cause of floor coating failures is oil contamination. OT Primer – Garage Floor Primer is an ideal solution.

The oil penetrates deep into the concrete floor, even when the cement floor is degreased or even mechanically prepared.

Nevertheless no matter how much the surface is prepared, the remaining oil within the substrate will rise and ‘pop’ the newly applied floor paint or screed.

Our unique formulation binds up to 15% water into the resin without any emulsion or bubble formation, enabling application to oil soaked concrete floors immediately after the cleaning of the floor.

Any oil impregnation becomes locked into the floor, reacting with the OT Primer to draw it down into the capillary pores.

Flortex Professional Garage Floor Paint

The best top coat floor paint, for car and commercial garage and workshop floors.
An incredibly strong, high build quality 100% solids twin pack epoxy resin both by way of increased wear and chemical resistance.

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