Concrete Floor Repairs

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Showing 1–16 of 22 results

With concrete floor repairs, there are three types of repairs that are the most common; surface cracks, pitting and spalling of concrete – this requires more effort but is equally as repairable as surface cracks.

The repair of a damaged concrete floor doesn’t need to be a hard or tough repair job. It may surprise you how easily this can be done yourself.

Often caused by constant wear and tear, concrete floors end up becoming rough and difficult to clean

Browse our extensive range of epoxy and cementitious floor repair products, epoxy crack repairs and grouts.

For industrial and domestic use we have everything from lightweight and flexible repair mortars to high strength and impact & chemical resistant specialist fillers.

Whether you are looking for fast curing floor repair, flexible repair and even cold store repair products.

Protecting you against further damage and keeping you operational and safe.

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