Spiked Shoes (Pair)

Pair of spiked shoes for use with wet coatings and screeds

  • Ensures a professional finish
  • One size fits all
  • Protects footwear

£40.95 (ex VAT)

SKU: 2380200

Spiked Shoes (Pair) Product Details

An essential item for walking over wet coatings and screeds during application.

Use on:Concrete, tarmac, and many other floors that may need to be walked on whilst the floor coating, floor screed is wet
Use where: Internal/External
Type of job: Use in conjunction with any of the Polycote Flortex, Easi-Screed or Cretex range

Special features:Reduces downtime, durable and long lasting, ensures professional finish of coating or screed job


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