Expansion Joint & Crack Floor Repairs

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Showing all 9 results

Look through our refined range of high-quality versatile expansion joint & crack floor repairs.

Concrete floors crack – pure and simple. It is not a material that stretches or bends without breaking.

It does have the ability to shrink and expand with temperature, however, it cracks as a result. This is why it is important to have expansion joints built in to allow for this cracking.

These encourage expansion to occur along the groves instead of across the surface of the concrete causing cracks.

In order to best repair an expansion joint, use a joint sealant material that will easily withstand the wear & tear of the typical machinery in warehouses, grain stores & most industrial environments.

Our expansion joint & crack floor repairs are designed to offer a high elasticity whilst keeping a high compressive strength. Suitable for use on almost any floor type & in almost any environment. Hygienic & food-safe these products can be used in industrial, commercial, hospitality & catering areas.