Floor Screeds

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Showing 1–16 of 26 results

Polycote’s large range of floor screeds offers products suitable for almost every application and budget for both domestic and industrial use.

We offer self-levelling industrial floor screeds for problems caused by rough, uneven surfaces. Along with the difficulties/ downtime needed to provide a smooth, easy to use floor.

Easi-Screed Industrial in the professional answer. Its incredible strong and fast curing. As much as 2000 sq.mm can be laid in only one day has resulted in the product being proven worldwide

If you need a highly flexible, easy to use, self-levelling floor screed then Easi-Screed Flexible is the answer.

It’s one of our latest formulations and has been designed using the highest quality raw materials, for floor that are subject to movement, vibration or where underfloor heating is used.

It is extremely easy to apply, after simply mixing with water, and can be laid from as little as 2mm thick, or up to as much as 50mm thick.

Designed for heavy domestic or light industrial use.

With top quality formulations we provide strong, long lasting products from cement, epoxy or polyurethane screeds.

For use internally or externally.