Fast Drying Floor Paints & Coatings

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Showing all 11 results

Fast drying floor paints & coatings provide the same high quality products with reduced drying time.

You can’t always wait for paint to dry because your business needs to keep working. More downtime means more money. Polycote have a range of products that have a drive on time of only 2 hours! Therefore, saving you time & money.

We have non slip coatings, self priming coatings, twin pack & single pack options. Polycote have a huge selection for whatever project you are undertaking.

Wether it’s a large warehouse, industrial kitchen, school or domestic project, Polycote has the flooring solution.

Polycote Slip Grip is our toughest, very fast curing, non slip coating for areas of heavy use & severe slip hazards.
Excellent for individual areas such as high wear ramps, steps on machinery & vehicles, plant and equipment.

It’s not just floor paint that needs to be fast drying but the line marking too. Use Quickline EP; an ultra fast frying, single pack epoxy line marking paint which cures in only 15-20 minutes & withstands traffic in just 2 hours.
Available in 3 standards colours & can be applied by brush or airless spray.

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