Cretex OT Mortar Epoxy Garage Floor Repair

Polycote has specifically formulated Cretex OT Mortar Epoxy Garage Floor Repair to adhere to oil-contaminated concrete garage and workshop floors. Ideal for those repairing damaged concrete floors for a long-lasting finish.

Incredibly strong industrial floor concrete repairs are achieved when applied down to a feather edge. This is the highest quality, high-strength concrete repair mortar available.

This not only eliminates the need to break out even more for concrete and masonry surfaces but also makes the job far easier and quicker to accomplish. We know your business needs to start excepting foot traffic quickly so downtime is reduced.

  • Ultra-tough epoxy garage floor repair mortar
  • Can be feather edged
  • Highly oil-tolerant floor repair mortar
  • Solvent free, non-toxic and non-taint
  • Extremely easy to use, no specialist skills needed
  • Excellent performance on damp walls and floors
  • XFH (Extra Fast Hardening) version available where downtime is limited
  • 33kg unit
  • Trowel applied

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Cretex OT Mortar Epoxy Garage Floor Repair Product Details

Cretex OT Mortar Epoxy Garage Floor Repair has been specifically formulated for the very fast curing, high strength and successful repair of concrete floors in:

  • Garages
  • Workshops
  • MOT Bays
  • Inspection Pits
  • Wash Bays
  • Fuel Areas
  • Chemical Bunds
  • Customer Waiting Areas
  • Production Areas
  • Ramps & Steps
  • Showrooms
  • Storage Areas
  • Car Parks
  • Almost any concrete floor

Garage Floor Repairs Expert Help

If you are not too sure which products to use, please be free to contact our technical experts, on our freephone helpline – 01234 846 780.

They have all had many years of hands-on application experience and are more than qualified to help you with any garage or concrete flooring problem, no matter how large or small.

They are experts when it comes to industrial, commercial or domestic environments. Cold rooms, damaged concrete floors and even horizontal surfaces and broken steps. Whatever the problem we have a quality product for the job.

With next day delivery available we can get your order to you quickly and easily.

Alternative Products

The Problem With Garage Floors

Garages and workshops face a big issue when attempting to paint or repair floors is the presence of oil and other stains and grease on concrete surfaces. Cretex OT Mortar Epoxy Garage Floor Repair is the ideal permanent repairs solution.

Oil soaks or penetrates deep into the substrate and no matter how much the damaged concrete is prepared; the underlying oil then rises back up to the concrete floor.

The floor repair can ‘pop’ the concrete floor causing it to delaminate from the substrate.

Repairing Your Garage Floor


Crackfiller EP100 should be used for very thin and hairline cracks. It is an ultra low viscosity epoxy repair, the ideal solution to flow down into very thin fissures.

Expansion Joints

If you have issues with expansion joints, please note that you should not fill these holes with a hard epoxy mortar. By inserting such a mortar means the slab cannot ‘move’ which in turn can cause the slab to crack elsewhere, thus causing even more long-term problems.

For the ideal solution use one of our specialist repair products for these types of joints: Polycote Jointex EP.

This is extremely tough (protecting the shoulders of the joint), but still flexible to allow expansion and contraction. An incredibly high strength, long term solution resistant to heavy traffic. Chemical resistance to fuel and oils and the flexibility allows up to 10% joint movement.

Expanding On Expansion Joints

For more information follow the link to our useful blogs ‘Why Your Concrete Floor Needs An Expansion Joint‘ and ‘How to tell the difference between an expansion joint and a structural crack’.

For deep holes use Cretex Deepfill. A fast curing, high strength concrete floor repair. A more cost effective mortar to fill larger / deep holes. Withstands heavy traffic in only 4 hrs!

This product is excellent to fill larger and deeper repairs with a high compressive strength – stronger than concrete. Its very fast curing to minimise downtime and suitable for internal and external concrete floors.

Expert Technical Advice

Help and Advice

Also, look at our useful blog ‘What is the best coating for my garage floor’ for helpful information and advice.

Polycote Expert Help

For further advice and support contact our technical experts, on our freephone helpline – 01234 846 780.
With many years of hands-on application experience they are more than qualified to help you with any garage floor problem, no matter how large or small.