Low Temperature & Freezer Floor Paints

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Showing all 4 results

Polycote has designed low temperature & freezer floor paints that are used in the most difficult & challenging environments.

We offer high performance paints that are applied in cold conditions where conventional paints will fail to dry.

Our products can withstand temperatures of -40°C & are ideal for cold stores. These products are extremely hard-wearing, & cures with outstanding rapidity, enabling application with minimal downtime.

Our range includes methacrylate based high build durable resin floor coatings with an initial cure time of 1-1 1/2 hours meaning minimal downtime.

Flortex MC CSG is ideal for industrial refrigerators & freezer floors & cures at -40°C to 0°C.  It is most suited for use in heavily trafficked unheated areas such as workshops, warehouses, loading bays & cold stores.

Flortex MC STD cures at 0°C to +30°C for use on warehouse floors & other industrial functions.

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