Easi-Screed Industrial

Tough, fast-setting, self-smoothing cement floor screed. Super smooth and dust free. Suitable for heavily trafficked industrial applications after only 24hrs.

  • Extremely durable and tough
  • An abrasion-resistant, hard-wearing screed
  • Fast curing – 2-3 hours for foot traffic
  • Excellent for smoothing out rough and ridged concrete
  • Achieves a non-dusting finish
  • Tough, slip resistant surface
  • 20kg bag
  • Vehicular traffic 24 hours

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Easi-Screed Industrial Product Details

A 20kg unit will cover a floor area of approximately 1.6m² at a thickness of 7mm.

Suitable substrates:

Easi-Screed Industrial is designed primarily for use on power-floated or tamped concrete, along with existing cementitious & anhydrite based screeds. It can be used on old or new concrete, quarry and ceramic tiles, and vinyl/lino.

Use where:

Internal use only

Type of job:

Used to level uneven (internal) concrete floors and provides a strong finished floor surface. Ideal for rapid installation and curing. Suitable for pumped or hand-mixed operations.

Approximate coverage:

A 20kg unit will cover a floor area of approximately 1.6m² at a thickness of 7mm.

Cure time:

Foot traffic 2-3 hours

Special features:

Heavy duty, abrasion resistant, high compressive strength, non-dusting surface, slip resistant finish, can be over-coated with Polycote Flortex SG or Polycote WD Primer after only 24 hours.

Alternative Products

Lay Up To 2000 m2 of Floor Screed In Only One Day

The problems caused by tough, uneven surfaces are known only too well along with the difficulties of repair and downtime needed to provide a smooth, easy-to-use floor.

Far superior to traditional screeds, however, this self-smoothing floor screed is the professional answer. Due to its incredible strength (over 40N/mm²) and its fast curing (drive on time of only 24 hours) and the fact that we can lay as much as 2000 sq.m in only one day has resulted in this product being proven worldwide!

A Screed That's Easy To DIY

This industrial floor screed has been made so easy to use that most companies now prefer completing the work themselves to save a lot of time, money, and effort.

The Easi-Screed Industrial range is a dual-purpose polymer-modified, cement-based internal sub-floor smoothing interior underlayment or wear surface topping.

A cementitious self-smoothing industrial floor screed containing graded aggregates and acrylic polymer powder.

Our Floor Screeds

Our floor screeds are simply mixed with water to provide a durable, heavy-duty industrial floor topping with a strong, close tolerance level finish.

It is excellent for smoothing out worn or ridged concrete in industrial environments and achieves a strong, non-dusting, close tolerance level finish. A 6mm minimum application thickness is required.

Rapid curing allows early trafficking and over-coating of Easi-Screed Industrial with Polycote Flortex SG, which is recommended although not essential for full durability in all applications.

Level And Strengthen Industrial Floors With Ease

Floor screeds are used to level uneven internal concrete floors and provide a strong finished floor surface. It is ideal for situations where rapid installation and curing are required.

Screeds are grey in colour, subject to slight variation depending on current raw materials, mixing and application conditions.

Screeds are often an excellent solution.

Typical Industries:

A wide range of industrial floors including warehouses, factories, garages, workshops, parlours, and dairies.