Jointex EP

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Our flagship expansion joint sealant. Extremely tough (protecting the shoulders of the joint), but still flexible to allow expansion and contraction.

  • Incredibly high strength, long lasting repair
  • Resistant to constant heavy traffic
  • Chemical resistant including fuels and oils
  • Flexibility allows up to 10% joint movement
  • With an extremely high compressive strength, Jointex EP will not squash
  • Protects the shoulders of the joint preventing further damage

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Jointex EP Product Details

Jointex EP is an incredible expansion joint material that offers long term protection. One of the major issues with all expansion joint materials is that fact that they are soft and ‘squash’ when traversed by heavy weights, particularly those with small, hard wheels resulting in an extremely high point loading. As the joint squashes, the weight is transferred to the shoulders of the joint, the concrete then starts to crumble and this only increases the problem. As the concrete breaks up, so the jointing compound ‘falls out’ causing, quite probably, the very problem you have today.With its unique combination of strength, flexibility and incredible adhesion, Jointex EP is THE answer for the sealing and protection of concrete expansion and construction joints in areas of highly trafficked areas .

Use on:Concrete. For other substrates contact Polycote Experts
Use where:Internal/External
Type of job:Sealing concrete expansion and construction joints

Approximate coverage:5 kg unit – 45 Linear metres @ 10 x 10mm
Cure time:18-24 hours @ 20oC
Special features:High strength, extra flexibility – allows 10% joint movement, extra chemical resistance, incredible compressive strength

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