PB Concrete Floor Paint

Extremely tough and long-lasting concrete floor paint

Our PB concrete floor paint comes highly recommended. Manufactured using the latest resin technology specially designed for painting concrete and floors. A single pack polyurethane alkyd concrete paint, with high opacity pigments and a very high solid content of 55%. An extremely durable and hard-wearing floor paint with excellent chemical resistance used throughout industrial and commercial industries to achieve a professional finish. An easy-to-clean smooth finish with a semi gloss appearance. Cost-effective, easy to apply, fast drying and can be applied in conjunction with added aggregate to create an anti-slip floor paint.

  • Single pack easy to use product
  • Applied to both old and new concrete floor, brick, block, stone floors, wood and metal
  • Very tough and durable, yet flexible with excellent impact resistance
  • Oil and chemical resistant
  • Two coats normally required
  • Smooth and easy to clean
  • Impact and abrasion resistant
  • Used in garage environments, warehouses, showrooms, shops, factories, production areas, hospitals and schools

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PB Concrete Floor Paint Product Details

Typical uses

Typical applications include warehouses, factories, showrooms, workshops, and garages.

Suitable substrates

After appropriate preparation, PB Concrete Floor Paint may be applied to both old and new concrete floors, brick, block, stone floors, wood, and metal.  Furthermore, it is compatible with most previously coated substrates.  However, due to the many and varied paints on the market, we strongly advise applying a trial area to ensure a good inter-coat adhesion is achieved.


PB Concrete Floor Paint is available in a standard range of 12 stock colours, or to order in a large range of BS4800 colours.


PB Concrete Floor Paint is supplied in 5L units (or 7kg with added Slip Resistance).

Special features

Tough but flexible, with excellent chemical resistance, impact resistant, abrasion resistant, quick and easy to apply, can be applied over previously painted surfaces and floors, fast curing, superb adhesion qualities.

Important: Condition of Substrate

If the substrate is unstable, dusty, suffering from oil contamination or rising damp, it is very important that you contact our technical team to establish the suitability of this product or to discuss an alternative product more suited to your needs.

It is far more important to us to offer the RIGHT solution and have a happy customer, than a quick sale ending in disappointment!

Professional Help and Advice:

We know only too well that the wear and tear of a single operative simply standing in the same area for long periods of time can have as much an effect on a floor as a fleet of forklifts in a large warehouse.

No matter if you have a large job or small requirement, if you are not sure which product to use, please feel free to contact our technical experts who will establish exactly what your issues are, along with the maximum amount of downtime you can allow to complete any work. Only then will we advise the best preparation, the best primer (if necessary) and the best Floor Paint top-coat option, to meet YOUR specific needs.

Alternative Products

PB Concrete Floor Paint

If you’re looking for an extra-durable, hard wearing concrete floor paint but you’re on a tight budget, Polycote PB Concrete Floor Paint is a great option. This high-solids polyurethane based floor paint creates a tough, abrasion-resistant coating. Being polyurethane rather than oil or water-based, it is not as brittle as and will not chip so easily.

Using a concrete floor coating can give your floor a longer life. You might think that concrete as a material is highly durable. However, without a specialist coating, it is actually prone to more damage than you might think.

This is especially the case if you will be using your space for anything involving heavy machinery or parts. It’s easy to dent or crack an untreated concrete floor. Whereas one with an industrial concrete floor coating will be able to withstand a lot more and mean that you’re not constantly having to make repairs to your flooring. It’s one of those investments that will pay dividends in the future when you’re not having to spend time, money and energy repairing a floor that’s just a year or two old.

Safety is another good reason to invest in a floor coating. Industrial floor coatings don’t just come in one finish, there are many to choose from. That means you can look at what you’re using your premises for and select a coating that’s appropriate for the work you’ll be carrying out. It’s worth investing in a non slip floor paint to ensure you keep safe. Polycote have a full range of anti slip floor paints and coatings.

What Is PB Concrete Floor Paint?

PB Concrete Floor Paint is the perfect floor paint suitable for garage environments and other commercial properties. A fast drying, heavy duty floor paint. Ideal for spaces where you want a very smooth surface finish suitable for heavy traffic areas, easy cleaning with a good slip resistance.

PB Concrete Floor Paint is a great option if you plan on using your garage as a workspace and is both easy to apply and lesser in price that the epoxy versions.  However, it’s not as resistant as epoxy floor paints to chemicals, oil spills, and petrol stains, so if you plan on working on cars or other machinery, you may need to consider a different option.

What's Our Alternative For Glossy-Look Garage Floors?

For a more glossy finish look at Flortex Professional. 100% solids pure epoxy garage floor paint is the most popular and successful choice for concrete garage floors due to its toughness and durability. It is a two-part system that consists of a resin and a hardener. When mixed, they form an impervious, hard wearing easy to clean and highly resistant to chemicals, oil, and water.  Furthermore, the coating will provide a tough and durable surface that will easily withstand heavy use, traffic, and equipment.  Available in a range of colours and finishes, Flortex Professional Garage Floor Paint can even be mixed with coloured flakes to provide added texture and flare.

Easy To Apply Single Pack Paint For Concrete Floors

Our concrete floor paint is incredibly tough and flexible, has superb mechanical and impact resistance, and easily resists foot, car, and truck traffic. PB Concrete Floor Paint is an extremely cost effective, easy to apply single pack concrete floor paint that may be applied in conjunction with aggregate to create a anti slip coating.

There are a number of other concrete floor paints on the market, but our PB Concrete Floor Paints has been formulated with the latest resin technology making it a great choice to give your interior room the attractive appearance you expect. With 12 colour options to choose from this is the perfect solution giving your floor a longer life.

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