Flortex SG

Flortex SG is a water-dispersed, industrial grade non-toxic, hard-wearing two-part epoxy floor coating with 55% solids content.

Slip resistant version also available.

This epoxy floor coating provides a hard-wearing, easy-clean floor surface with a coloured matt to a semi-gloss smooth finish to make your commercial or domestic floor suitable for vehicle traffic or any other use.

Our best-ever two-pack epoxy resin floor paint formulation has a higher solid content than almost every other water dispersed resin available, making it stronger and more resistant to the daily wear and tear caused by heavy traffic.

  • Withstands foot traffic, forklifts and pallet trucks
  • Tough and durable, epoxy resin floor paint
  • Excellent adhesion for a long-lasting solution
  • Impervious and easy to clean
  • Resistant to general chemical spillages
  • May to applied to damp surfaces
  • No priming required
  • Cost-effective, industrial grade coating

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Flortex SG Product Details

Since 1991, Polycote has laid millions of square metres of Flortex SG and other epoxy paints in almost every environment throughout the UK.

These include garages, warehouses, workshops, showrooms, factories, and production facilities where epoxy floor coatings are the best solution.

We know exactly what is needed to give you a dust-free, hard-wearing surface and long-lasting epoxy resin floor solution.

Typical Areas of Use:

  • Factories
  • Garage floor
  • Animal Environments
  • Production Areas
  • Ramps & Steps
  • Showrooms
  • Storage Areas
  • Warehouse floor
  • Workshops
  • Wet Rooms

Further formulations for specific requirements: 

  • High build formulations for the more heavily trafficked concrete areas
  • Extra Fast Hardeners with an added curing agent (XFH)
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Low temperature requirements 

Professional Help and Advice:

We know only too well that the wear and tear of a single operative simply standing in the same surface area for long periods of time can have as much an effect on a concrete floor as a fleet of forklifts in a large warehouse. Epoxy floor paints can be the perfect solution for these situations.

No matter if you have a large or small requirement, if you are not sure which epoxy paint product to use, please feel free to contact our technical experts who will establish exactly what your issues are, along with the maximum amount of downtime you can allow to complete any work.

Only then will we advise the best preparation, the best primer (if necessary) and the best floor paint top-coat option, to meet YOUR specific needs.

Alternative Products

An Epoxy Coating Ideal for Industrial Floors

With a higher solid content than most of our competitors, Flortex SG can penetrate deep into industrial floors, warehouse floors and garage floors or any other concrete surface you might have. The substrate achieves a greater bonded paint power than ever before over the floor area. It is an ideal epoxy garage floor paint.

When fully cured it achieves a chemical resistant, water resistance and totally impervious finish and therefore is far easier to clean the floors and concrete. This reduces cleaning times and costs. Being an extremely hard-wearing two-pack epoxy floor paint it offers the best protection from damaging liquids and spills on concrete floors and other concrete surfaces.

Less Aggravation And Less Cost!

Its formulation includes quality fillers for good abrasion and chemical resistance ensuring a heavy-duty floor paint.

Flortex SG is not UV stable, however, if this is required we can offer Flortex PU Twin Coloured, an epoxy floor paint that could be the ideal solution for your project, including your concrete garage floors. A two-pack epoxy floor paint designed to strengthen weak and poor concrete floors. A superb heavy-duty floor coating.

The latest and extremely strong epoxy resin floor paint formulation is virtually solvent free and its fast curing process means a quicker return to work.

Less downtime = less aggravation AND less cost!

Non-Slip Alternatives

If you have an area where greater slip resistance will be required, use Flortex SG Non-Slip. Still an epoxy floor paint it will continue to withstand heavy wear and tear and heavy traffic as the standard version does. Still provides a heavy-duty coating but it incorporates an extremely tough aggregate. Ideal for a garage floor or other environments where slips and trips can occur.

The aggregate may be added during application to achieve a tough, professional epoxy floor paint.

The aggregate used in this epoxy paint is one of the strongest materials under diamonds, and is often used on brake testing rollers in MOT bays – it will not crush or wear out ensuring your epoxy floor paint will last longer than your existing paint.

Effortless Application

Flortex SG Non-Slip is extremely easy to apply epoxy resin floor paint. This system requires two coats and is achieved by simply sprinkling Calcined Bauxite aggregate onto the wet first coat on the floor. The normal sprinkling rate can be adjusted to give the desired slip resistance to the epoxy resin floor coating.

This also means that selective floor areas of non-slip or anti-slip treatment can be varied whilst applying epoxy floor paint as required. Once the first coat is dry, it is then over-coated with the second coat to encapsulate the aggregate and give a high quality, completely impervious, anti-slip and resistant finish epoxy coating to the concrete floor.

Specialist Water Based Epoxy Resin

Special water-based epoxy resin or solvent-based epoxy resin floor paint formulations are available if you need the paint to fully cure quickly.

Polycote has a wide variety of epoxy products and floor paints to achieve the professional finish required on almost any floor. Your floor might need to have vehicle traffic on it quickly or require low odour. All of these options are available.

Contact our friendly Polycote team of expert advisers who are more than happy to help with any query about epoxy floor paint and offer a practical solution. Whether you have oil residue, need a self-levelling screed, have rising damp issues or it is for a commercial or domestic project. Email, phone or live chat to discuss any size project, big or small.

Typical Uses

Being a water-based epoxy resin, solvent-free, low odour and taint-free, Flortex SG is the ideal concrete floor paint for use on warehouse floors, concrete factory floors, processing plants, showrooms, kitchens, hospitals, schools and animal environments. Ideal for almost any surface.

It is easy to apply without the need for solvents or thinners and will protect concrete floors from oil and chemical spillages.

Suitable Substrates

Flortex SG may be applied directly to most substrates, including old and new concrete, wood, stone, metal and polymer-modified cementitious screeds. To ensure the floor is prepared correctly it might need shot blasting. This creates an key and helps the epoxy floor paint adhere to the surface. Please contact the team to discuss this in more detail.

Available in a variety of colours, including dark grey, yellow, light blue, black and many more or a large range of BS4800 and RAL specifications (subject to minimum quantity).

This epoxy resin floor paint is supplied in pre-measured quantities as a two-part 5kg unit, comprising a coloured epoxy blend Part ‘A’ and hardener Part ‘B’.

Special Formulations

Our Flortex range of products can also be manufactured to answer bespoke needs such as Extra Fast Hardening (XFH), extra chemical resistance and low temperature curing requirements. Please contact Polycote technical helpline for further help and advice about floor coatings.

Check out our Trustpilot reviews here. Read real and honest customer feedback about our range of epoxy resin floor paint products. We are confident Polycote’s Flortex SG is far superior to any epoxy resin floor paints our competitors offer but there is no better way than hearing this from actual customers with real experiences.