Flortex EP

A extremely hard wearing, high build 100% solids epoxy resin floor coating

Capable of withstanding heavy traffic and proven in almost every industry worldwide, this twin pack epoxy floor paint is the preferred choice for many companies’ concrete floors. The totally impervious chemical resistant finish helps to reduce costs due to much easier and faster cleaning. The hard-wearing coloured gloss finish completely transforms the area, especially where colour coding is concerned, making the whole environment safer and brighter for employees and customers alike.

  • Superb high gloss finish
  • Excellent for colour coding, for company image or to highlight specific hazards
  • 100% solids high build epoxy paint formulation
  • Very hard wearing and long lasting
  • Suitable for heavy traffic areas, including vehicle traffic, forklifts, and pallet trucks
  • Abrasion, chemical and impact resistant
  • Impervious & easy-to-clean paint
  • Pressure washer resistant
  • Easy application

Typical Uses

This epoxy resin floor paint has been proven since 1991 in almost every industry. Suitable areas of use for epoxy resin floor paint include industrial floors, garage floors, warehouses and showrooms, shops and factories, production areas and workshops, hospitals, and schools, to name but a few and are installed into many areas, including:

  • Chemical Bunds
  • Fuel Areas
  • High Wear, Heavily Trafficked Areas
  • Production Areas
  • Ramps & Steps
  • Showrooms
  • Storage Areas
  • Warehouses
  • Workshops and garage floors
  • Wash Bays

Other formulations available:

Extra fast hardening: Flortex EP XFH

Slip Resistant: Flortex EP Slip Resistant

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Flortex EP Product Details

Suitable Substrates

Flortex EP can be applied to most surfaces, both old and new concrete surfaces, polymer modified cementitious screeds, brick, block, stone floors, wood, and metal.  Furthermore, it is compatible with and coating most previously coated substrates.  However, due to the many and varied paints on the market, make absolutely sure the existing paint has fully cured and is fully adhered to the substrate before painting. We then strongly advise applying a trial area to ensure a good inter-coat adhesion with the existing paint can be achieved.


Flortex EP epoxy floor coating is available in a standard range of 12 stock colours, or to order in a large range of BS4800 colours.


Flortex EP is a two part epoxy floor paint, supplied in two units, Part A and Part B, with two components and a total unit size of 5kg units.

Special Features

An extremely tough and hard wearing epoxy resin floor paint, with excellent chemical resistance, impact resistance and abrasion resistant. Quick and easy to apply and can be applied over previously painted concrete floors. Superb adhesion qualities to most substrates. Extra fast curing, extra chemical resistant resin, and low temperature formulations are also available.

Condition of Substrate (Important)


Recommended methods are:

Powerfloated concrete – use a Vacuum Assisted Shotblaster to remove weak laitenance and provide a surface key for the coating. If this is not possible, chemically etch the cement with Polycote Etch It then rinse thoroughly and allow the cement to dry.

Loose paint or rust – remove, using a Vacuum Assisted Shotblaster, Floor Grinder or equivalent method.

Oil or grease – use Hot Compresses Air for large areas of contamination. Smaller, isolated deposits may be chemically cleaned with Polycote Degrease IT, then rinsed thoroughly and allowed to completely dry.

Concrete floors must include a functional damp proof membrane and be free of rising moisture.

Prior to application of Flortex EP, a suitable epoxy primer should be applied. These include Polycote EP Primer – a 100% solids epoxy resin with outstanding penetration to use as a dust proofer for porous substrates, WD Primer – a high adhesion water-dispersed epoxy primer offering a high bond strength to all substrates or OT Primer – a professional twin pack epoxy resin with a highly advanced oil tolerant formulation depending on the type and condition of the substrate. If the substrate is unstable, dusty, suffering from oil contamination or rising damp, (especially concrete floors), it is very important that you contact our technical team to establish the correct method of preparation as well as the correct epoxy primer to be used, or indeed to discuss an alternative floor coating more suited to your needs.

It is far more important to us to offer the RIGHT floor coating solution and have a happy customer, than a quick sale ending in disappointment!

Professional Help and Advice

No matter if you have a large or small requirement, if you are not sure which product to use, please feel free to contact our technical experts who will establish exactly what your issues are, along with the maximum amount of downtime you can allow to complete any work.

Only then will we advise the best preparation, the best primer and the best Floor Topping or Floor Screed, to meet YOUR specific needs.

We have a vast range of solvent free epoxy floor coating, epoxy garage floor paint, and sealers, epoxy damp proof membranes, anti slip paints, etc, etc and we are 100% confident we can supply not on a high performance product but more importantly, the RIGHT solution for your specific requirements.

Alternative Products

Choosing The Right Paint For Your Floor

It is well known there are hundreds of suppliers selling hundreds of different types of epoxy resin floor coating and paint from single pack and two part epoxy paints, low viscosity or high viscosity epoxy floor coatings. For business owners, finance directors or maintenance managers, this becomes a lottery as to which manufacturer you should use and what type of epoxy resin floor coating or paint you should buy.

To experience a failure of a floor paint or screed wastes so much time, effort, and money.  A cheap floor paint may appear more enticing but when factoring in the inconvenience and cost caused by production downtime, it pays to make a wise and educated decision so as not to end in premature failure and frustration.

We have useful blogs and product articles that can answer a plethora of questions and concerns about epoxy resin floor paint or water based epoxy resin floor paints. Apart from those, please see our article below which goes over some of the most basic but important questions and answers, that will prove helpful to you in arriving at the best floor paint solution, for your OWN specific needs.