Flortex EP – Clearance (Limited stock available)

Flortex EP is a very heavy duty, solvent free epoxy floor coating with a 100% solids content. Capable of withstanding heavy traffic, for use in almost any area including garages, warehouses, factories, processing plants, showrooms, hospitals and schools to name but a few.

The totally impervious chemical resistant finish makes for much easier and faster cleaning. The hard wearing coloured gloss finish completely transforms the area and makes the whole environment safer and brighter for employees and customers alike.

  • 100% solids high build epoxy paint formulation
  • Very hard wearing and long lasting
  • Withstands heavy traffic, forklifts and pallet trucks
  • Abrasion, chemical and impact resistant
  • Impervious & easy-to-clean
  • Pressure washer resistant
  • Superb high gloss finish
  • Easy application
  • Fast curing (Extra fast hardeners also available)

Typical Areas of Use

Proven since 1991 in almost every industry, typical areas of use include warehouses and showrooms, shops and factories, production areas and workshops, hospitals and schools, to name but a few.

Flortex EP Non Slip

Should extra slip resistance be required, our Flortex EP Non slip not only incorporates all the benefits of our standard product, but also contains an extremely tough Guyanian Calcined Bauxite aggregate (well surpassing the standard aggregates used in slip resistant floor paints) that will easily withstand heavy wear and tear from constant foot traffic, pallet trucks and forklifts.

Special Formulations

Flortex EP can also be manufactured to answer bespoke needs such as Extra Fast Hardeners (Flortex EP XFH), extra chemical resistance (Flortex Chemical Coat) and/or for applications in low temperatures. Please contact Polycote technical helpline for further advice.


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Flortex EP – Clearance (Limited stock available) Product Details

Flortex EP is a two part 100% solids epoxy resin which provides an extremely hard wearing coating with a totally impervious gloss finish.
Flortex EP’s pure epoxy formulation withstands light forklift traffic, oil, chemicals and jet washing.
Coverage: 20sq.m at 200 microns thickness from a 5kg pot of Flortex EP
Flortex EP is supplied in 5kg units (Smooth) or 7kg (Slip Resistant).

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