Decratex Flake

With extreme performance and stunning looks, Decratex Flake is Polycote’s iconic decorative flake floor coating. This ultra-tough epoxy flake coating can be used for both floors and walls, and can withstand very high traffic, chemicals, and pressure washing. Decratex Flake is highly versatile and can be used across a variety of industries, however it is perfect for areas that require high levels of hygiene, such as hospitals, laboratories, and food preparation areas.

  • Decorative flake floor coating system
  • Simple to apply and very versatile
  • Can withstand heavy traffic, abrasion and chemicals
  • Very easy to clean
  • Ideal for areas requiring high levels of hygiene
  • Slip-resistant finish

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Decratex Flake Product Details

Typical Uses:
Hygiene: hospitals, laboratories, veterinary surgeries, breweries, kitchens, washrooms.

Warehouses, factories and industrial workshops where forklifts and pallet trucks are in use.

Showrooms, garages, display areas and retail outlets.

Decratex Flake is an ultra tough, totally impervious epoxy system suitable for both floors and walls. It’s unique formulation meets the technological and ecological requirements of current building practices and it is both highly decorative and protective. Able to withstand very heavy traffic, pressure washing and chemicals, Decratex Flake is a highly versatile, professional, easy-to-lay twin pack epoxy. Decratex Flake produces an extremely impressive mosaic effect that is easy to clean, yet also achieves a good slip resistance due to the textured effect of the flakes.

Simple to apply and very versatile, Decratex Flake creates a granite-like random flecked effect of varying hues, finished with a clear gloss sealer coat.

This extremely tough, decorative resin will withstand heavy traffic, abrasion & chemicals. The flakes slightly texture the surface thereby providing an easy to clean, slip resistant finish.

Virtually any colour or combinations of colours are available, including ‘glitter’ for clubs, showrooms, etc.

Please ask for further details.

Available in 12 standard colours:

Pot life:Resin: 20-30 mins @ 20oC
Sealer: 30 mins @ 20oC
Application temperature: 10oC – 25oC
Initial cure time: Resin: 8-10 hours
Sealer: 6-8 hours
To accept traffic: Sealer: 24 hours
Overcoat (if required) time: Sealer: within 24 hours
Full strength cure time: 7 days
Full compressive strength: 68N/mm2
Full tensile strength: 45N/mm2
Full flexural strength: 85N/mm2
Elastic modulus: 2.8KN/mm2
Number of parts supplied: 7
Coverage: Available in 15 or 30 sq.m. packs
Primer required: Yes

Thorough surface preparation is essential.
The floor must be as even and level as possible, otherwise the top coat may form puddles in any depressions before curing.
Please refer to Polycote WD Primer data sheet prior to priming, and follow surface preparation guidelines with care. If the surface is damaged, uneven, contaminated with oil or damp, please contact Polycote technical helpline for advice.

Applying the Resin:
Follow directions on separate version data sheet supplied.
Ensure resin totally covers entire surface – Decratex Flake will only adhere to the resin.

Applying the Flake:
Decratex™ Flake must be sprinkled onto the wet resin immediately – if possible within 5 minutes of applying the resin. This stage will require at least two persons, one to roll the resin on to the floor and the other to follow up broadcasting the flake, walking on the wet resin using spiked shoes (available from Polycote UK).
The flake may be sprinkled manually or for best results, use a spray gun with 5 Ltr tank capacity, 18mm nozzle and 1/3 bar (15/45 psi) pressure to blow the flakes onto the wet coating. The wet resin must be totally blinded with Decratex™ Flake – no resin should remain visible. Avoid sprinkling a thicker layer than is necessary to achieve total coverage, as the surplus cannot be brushed off until the resin has cured, causing a shortage of flake.
Take care to avoid disturbing the sprinkled flake until the resin has cured. After 12-18 hours ensure the flake has firmly bonded before sweeping or vacuuming off the excess. Keep area clean and free of traffic and overcoat with Decratex Sealer within 48 hours.

Applying the Sealer Coat:
Follow directions on separate sealer datasheet for mixing, curing times, etc.
Once mixed, the Decratex™ Sealer must be applied immediately.
Using a roller, apply one even coat at 5.0kg per 15m2 (3m2 per kg) ensuring that the flake is completely covered.
A sealer with greater UV resistance (Decratex UV Sealer) is also available. Please contact Polycote Technical Helpline for further information.
When using two sealer coats, ensure that the second coat is the Decratex UV Sealer, this being a UV resistant, light stable resin.


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