Cretex LM (Lightweight Mortar)

An incredible non slump lightweight mortar, designed specifically for overhead and vertical repairs up to 75mm thick in one layer

  • Non slump formulation
  • May be applied up to 75mm thick per layer
  • Impervious finish
  • Protects exposed reinforcing steelwork
  • Good protection against atmospheric pollutants
  • Excellent for both internal and external application

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Cretex LM (Lightweight Mortar) Product Details

Cretex LM is a lightweight mortar that contains powerful plasticising agents that enable it to be used both vertical and overhead repairs.

Use on: Concrete, metal
Use where: Internal/External
Typical industries: Used across a wide range of industries
Type of job: Reinstatement of damaged concrete. High build application in vertical and overhead situations, placed areas of fair faced finishing and in-situ repairs of sculptural elements

Approximate coverage:

  • 10kg unit – 0.5m2 @ 10mm average thickness
  • 25kg unit – 1.5m2 @ 10mm average thickness

Special features: Non-slump formulation, impervious finish, good protection against atmospheric pollutants, protects exposed reinforced steelwork, chlorine-free, good freeze/thaw stability

Pot life:45 mins @ 20oC
Application temperature:5oC – 35oC
Depth of repair (1 layer):10mm – 75mm
Fully cured strength:24N/mm2
Number of parts supplied:1
Priming required:Yes. Use Cretex LM Primer

Please consult the technical data sheet for full technical product data.

Thorough substrate preparation is essential.
All contact surfaces must be sound, clean and provide good mechanical key. Remove all loose material, plaster, paint and oily deposits.
Reinforcing steel should be exposed to at least two thirds of its circumference in a sound concrete background.
The steel should be totally exposed in areas where concrete repairs are deeper than the steel embedment depth. Corroded reinforcing steel should be cleaned back to bright metal.
Cleaned steel should be protected by Steel Primer.
Roughen smooth concrete by scabbling or other mechanical means.
Repair edges should be cut back to avoid feather edging.

The prepared concrete surface and reinforced steel should be primed using Cretex LM Primer.
The primer may be used as supplied and is applied using a stiff bristle brush.
Ensure Cretex LM is applied as soon as the LM Primer has become tacky and before the priming coat has dried.

The water requirement for each 9kg unit to produce the mortar is 1.6 – 1.9 Ltrs.
Pour the required quantity of water into a suitable mixing vessel.
Slowly add the powder to the water whilst continuously mixing.
Mechanical mixing is recommended using a slow speed heavy duty drill with a mixing paddle.
Mixing should be continued after all the powder has been added to the mixing water until a smooth lump-free mortar is achieved.

Apply the Cretex LM firmly onto the primed area.
It may be necessary to use a gloved hand to place and compact the mortar behind reinforced steel and into narrow corners and edges.
Initially finish the surface with a wooden trowel.
Allow the mortar to stiffen then finish finally with a dampened steel trowel.
Where thicker layers are required to be built up, the surface of the under layer should be left with a wood float finish and should be scored.
Subsequent primer and Cretex LM layers may be applied as soon as the initial layer is firm enough not to distort under the new work.


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