Ultra rapid setting plugging mortar

  • Non-shrink formula for total fill
  • No priming needed
  • Very easy to use
  • Stops leaks in only 3 minutes!!
  • Primarily designed for use with concrete.
  • Aquaplug will also adhere to brick and blockwork.

When sealing a crack or gap against escaping water, there’s nothing so astoundingly effective as Aquaplug. This highly specialised cementitious powder mix is simply mixed with a small amount of water and forced into the repair area by trowel or gloved hand. Within just 3 minutes it’s cured and the flow is permanently stopped!

From Only: £44.00 (ex VAT)


Aquaplug Product Details

Typical Uses:

Sealing of basements, concrete pipes, sewage systems, foundations and much more! Also used for creating corner fillets prior to tanking with Polycote Aquatex/Aquaguard.


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