Cemcoat Smooth

Smooth out spalled, roughly tamped and worn concrete with this tough, fast curing, slip resistant cement based coating. Suitable for concrete and asphalt

  • Perfect for worn / frost damaged / spalling concrete
  • Coverage – 9sq.m per unit
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Prevents further erosion caused by weathering
  • Road salt resistant
  • Flexible and impact resistant
  • Internal and external use
  • Excellent as an anti slip coating for wooden sheeting / temporary walkways and ramps

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Cemcoat Smooth Product Details

Cemcoat is a two stage product application. Each step is fast curing and the end result is a durable cementitious screed that can be used for many applications, whether it be the protection of old concrete from freeze/thaw issues to the coating of wooden sheeting for a temporary pathway across a building site. It is extremely strong and can withstand both heavy vehicular and heavy foot traffic.
Cemcoat is a polymer/cement based product designed to be applied over a wide range of surfaces to provide a durable surface strongly bonded to the substrate with a degree of flexibility to enable the accommodation of movement in the substrate and structure of the building.
Cemcoat can be applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces and finished with a variety of textured and decorative effects.
Stage 1 – Squeegee and roller apply the Cemcoat Base – This an off-white, strong, polymer modified coating that provides the surface protection and help bind the concrete finish.
Stage 2 – Roller apply the Cemcoat Sealer – This is the final sealer that provides whatever colour you choose to further enhance the decorative and functional properties of the surface.


Use on:
Concrete, tarmac, wood, metal, plastic, galvanised metal, iron, fibreglass, asbestos, PU foam, etc

Use where:

Typical industries:
Used in all industrial, commercial and domestic areas. Heavily used in multi-story car parks, industrial yards and within the farming industry in areas such as grain stores, dairies, piggeries, abattoirs and silage clamps

Type of job:
Cemcoat is commonly used for adding slip resistance and smoothing out and protecting surfaces on loading and parking bays, ramps, wooden walkways, decking, driveways and footpaths. Cemcoat is excellent for vertical surfaces and decorative effects, columns, plinths, planters, etc. and can be easily over coated to further enhance the appearance and / or functional properties

Approximate coverage:
Cemcoat Base – 17.5 kg unit – 7.5-9 sq.m @ 1mm nominal thickness.
Cemcoat Sealer – 1.7 kg unit – 10 sq.m

Special features:
Heavy duty, impact resistant, flexible, will adhere to damp surfaces, prevents further erosion, can be used as part of a waterproofing system, use on vertical and horizontal surfaces

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