A tough, highly flexible 100% waterproof, slip resistant finish, ideal for balconies and car parks

  • Superb substrate protection qualities
  • 100% waterproofing system
  • Easily bridges substrate cracks
  • Excellent adhesion to almost any surface
  • Very hard wearing

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Aquadec Product Details

Aquadec is a three stage system comprising of a first coat Aquadec DPM, then a coat of Aquadec Base to build up the thickness and finish it with a coat of the Aquadec Sealer.
Stage 1 Aquadec DPM – This layer is a fast drying, non-toxic, non-taint primer. The product, being single pack, is extremely easy to use and it will easily bridge small cracks. (Please note however, that this will obviously depend the condition of the substrate and the cause of the crack – please refer to Application Sheet for further details). Aquadec will adhere to almost any surface, with excellent adhesion, even if its damp and it’s fast curing formulation means that the primer is touch dry within approximately 1 hour.
Stage 2 Aquadec Base – A polymer/cement based product designed to be applied over a wide range of surfaces to provide a durable surface strongly bonded to the substrate with a degree of flexibility to enable the accommodation of movement in the substrate and structure of the building. Aquadec Base will naturally provide a slip resistant surface.
Stage 3 Aquadec Sealer – This is the final roller applied sealer that provides whatever colour you choose to further enhance the decorative and functional properties of the surface.
Through continued research and listening to customer feedback, Polycote UK has created a 100% waterproofing system that will be the cure to many long standing waterproofing problems, such as balconies, walkways and car park decks as well as basements. Good substrate protection will also be achieved.

Aquadec is ideal for:

  • Waterproofing balconies – tiled, asphalt, concrete
  • Creating a watertight floor covering around swimming pools
  • Sealing the surface under tiles
  • Tanking of bathrooms/ wetrooms
  • Preventing the buildup of damp in basements

Can be applied to plasterboard, plywood, brick, concrete, asphalt and fiberglass.

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