Clear Floor Sealers & Dust Proofing

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Showing all 11 results

Clear floor sealers & dust proofing can help eliminate the problems associated with sand loss caused by vacuum sweepers, jet thrust, pressure washing or flooding.

They can prevent unsightly plant growth, totally seal surfaces & protect against oil contamination. They are formulated to prolong the life of the coating & are easy to clean.

Polycote have a wide range of products for your project including clear balcony sealers, clear floor tile sealers, basements sealer paint & warehouse concrete sealers.

Our range includes twin pack, UV resistant polyurethane. Available in matt, satin or gloss finishes. Flortex PU (Twin Pack) is a totally impervious hard-wearing floor sealer.
The polyurethane formula will adhere to almost any substance including concrete.
This versatile concrete floor sealer will reduce porosity while providing a dust-proof surface & can also be used for walls.

However, for single pack, high solids polyurethane floor sealer/ dust proofers, you need Flortex PU (Single Pack). 
Its ultra tough, extremely durable & flexible. Prevents surface dusting & is chemical & abrasion resistant. Perfect for heavy-duty environments such as warehouses.

Polycote have you covered for all clear floor sealers & dust proofing but if you need further advice contact us on 01234 846 780.

Alternatively, download our brochure to view our full range.