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6 Reasons You Need To Seal Epoxy Floor Resin

sealed epoxy floor

The vast majority of people apply two coats of epoxy floor resin – usually two coats of the same product or a professional primer followed by a professional top coat.  Although the norm, there are various benefits to sealing epoxy flooring with a further clear sealer coat.

Anyone who has coated a garage floor coating properly will tell you that the preparation is the hardest part of the job and, most often, the part that a lot of people fail to do properly.  The best and most enthusing part of the job is the application of the top coat – this can transform a dull and drab room into a bright and cheerful area very quickly.  So after investing time and money in the preparation and coating of a brand new floor, why not invest just that little bit more to ensure a longer lasting and even more beautiful floor finish.

Here are our Top 6 Reasons For Sealing Your Epoxy Resin Floor With a Clear Top Coat:

1. It helps to hides the scratches and scuffs

Every floor suffers from scuffs and scratches, from microscopic scratches to larger unsightly ones.

A clear top coat helps to camouflage most of these scratches so they are less obtrusive and do not detract from the looks of the floor.  Furthermore, a clear top coat can prevent the colour coat from being damaged.  The great thing is that this ‘scratched surface coat’ can then be removed from the surface and a further sealer coat applied quickly and easily. 

 2. Added durability and wear resistance

If a floor is correctly prepared and the initial coating correctly applied, the coating should be peeling, lifting or flaking off the surface.  The longevity of the floor is then wholly determined by the thickness of the coating and the amount of wear and tear the floor is subjected to.   A further coat can only help add to the strength and durability to the colour coat and thereby ensure a longer wearing surface.

3. Added chemical resistance

Unfortunately a lot of occasional chemical drips and spills, whether it be oil or battery acid, go unnoticed and allowed to sit for long periods on the floor.  Even though an epoxy floor coating has good resistant to most chemicals, these can still discolour the coating depending on the severity of the chemical to the quality of epoxy applied.  A lot of our clear coatings have extra chemical resistance should they indeed be damaged by the said chemical, then this ‘wearing’ coat can be fairly easily removed and a further coat applied.

4. Added UV resistance

A lot of epoxy and polyurethane coatings are not particularly UV resistant and  the colour can be drained or tarnished for UV light.  Remember, it’s not only the sun that causes UV degradation.  A lot of internal lighting can also cause the same damage.  A clear specifically UV resistant coating will not only enhance your floor in the first place, but will also help to protect you floor and keep it looking beautiful, but will also give that extra level of protection from discolouration.

5. Choice of gloss, satin and matt finishes

A lot of people are now wanting their own particular finish – which can be anywhere from a high gloss to completely matt.  Depending upon a customer’s requirements, this can determine the type of top coat to be specified.  Some such top coats are only available in a their ‘natural’ finish, whether it be gloss or matt.

6. It looks the business and you’ve added to the value!

You may have a large corporate business and you get high profile customers.  Perhaps you simply want to enhance the value to realise the maximum sale price for your property.

Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure.  The thicker the coating, the greater the protection, the longer it will last and the better it will look.  The re-coat time will be far longer and the aggravation of having to redo it several times with a ‘cheap’ system will be eliminated.  Your customers will like it and it can be a room you can enjoy and be proud of.

Finally, have you ever heard of a bright, clean floor detracting from a properties worth –  of course not.  For that small extra investment now – to achieve a well presented property always pays off in the long run and invariably, the resale value achieved can often cover the cost of the floor in the first place.  A win-win solution.

Searching for hard-wearing flooring which combines style and substance? Ask our experts today.

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