Vacuum Assisted Shot Blaster

A dust-free, professional preparation of all floors to provide the best possible key for all floor coatings and screeds.

  • Strips coatings fast
  • Removes contamination and surface laitance
  • Extremely fast, meaning less downtime and reduced aggravation
  • Virtually dust free
  • Extremely effective operation
  • Ideal for large areas
  • Removes loose, flaking and weak surfaces

A screed or coating is only as good as the substrate it is laid on, meaning that good penetration is absolutely essential for success.

Poor surface preparation will almost certainly result in failure – due to the de-bonding of the existing surface!

Shot blasting is THE professional method of preparing substrates prior to the application of both coatings and screeds. Not only does it remove any ‘old’ coatings or other loose and friable material, but it will also create a ‘key’ on the substrate and will hugely improve the bonding properties of the new coating or screed.

Shot blasting is extremely quick, environmentally friendly and virtually dust free.

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Vacuum Assisted Shot Blaster Product Details