Pebbletex Screed

Our Pebbletex Screed answers our customers requirements for a smooth totally natural stone/squartz finish.

Pebbletex Screed is trowelled to a smooth finish and laid between 12-18mm thick depending upon the size of aggregate required.

Used externally it is a fantastic alternative to traditional concrete and paving, is oil and chemical resistant and remains weed free.

Using our clear UV stable, non-yellowing resin along with recycled aggregate, Pebbletex Screed provides a contemporary slip-resistant maintenance free finish.

Pebbletex Screed is normally laid onto tarmac or concrete. However, it will also adhere to our geotextile material which can be laid directly onto an MOT or compacted base of sharp sand.

The quick curing time enables the area to be back in use in 4hrs (pedestrian) and 24-48hrs (vehicular traffic) @ 20°C.

£198.75 (ex VAT)

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Pebbletex Screed Product Details

Attractive, non-slip and durable, Pebbletex is a surface dressing system for car parks, drives and roadways. The decorative natural stone aggregate of your choice is permanently bonded to the surface by an extremely tough polyurethane resin.
The system combines the aesthetic appeal of natural loose stone with the practical advantages of being highly slip-resistant, extremely hard-wearing, weed free and self-cleaning.

Colours Available:


Green Granite


Silver Granite

Amber Flint

Application temperature:20°C
Pot life @ 20°C:15 minutes
Initial curing time:4 – 6 hours
Open to traffic:24 – 48 hours (or overnight)

Ensure that the substrate is sound, dry and free of dirt, dust, moss and other vegetable matter, oil or other contamination.
Bituminous surfaces – sound construction is essential for long-term bonding of the coating. The surface must be fully oxidised and show no signs of softening in hot weather. New bituminous surfaces are porous and should be sealed using Polycote Acrylic Sealer mixed with sand and cement – see relevant Data Sheet.
Concrete surfaces – Pebbletex Resin may be applied direct without the need of priming. However any weak areas must be repaired and new surfaces etched to remove any latience prior to laying the Pebbletex. New concrete should be allowed to mature for at least one month.
Steel surfaces – remove all oil or grease and abrade or lightly shotblast, then coat with Polycote WD Primer prior to application of Pebbletex Resin – see relevant Data Sheet.
Wood surfaces – abrade and prime prior to coating.

Having fully prepared the substrate, stir the individual components before mixing together. Add Part ‘B’ to Part ‘A’ and thoroughly mix for at least 3 minutes. For best results use a heavy duty slow speed drill with a mixing paddle.
Ensure thorough mixing as an unmixed product will result in a poor or non-cure situation.

Do not apply in wet conditions.
Pebbletex Resin must be applied immediately once mixed. Pour the resin onto the surface and spread using a serrated squeegee. Apply as evenly as possible over the appropriate area to give the correct coverage rate for the aggregate size to be used. As soon as the wet resin has been evenly spread, the aggregate should be scattered into the wet coating until the surface is completely covered. If wet patches appear, these must be filled with further aggregate until a uniform appearance is achieved. If any masking tape has been used, remove this 40-60 mins after application or when the resin starts to gel. The aggregate can be walked on carefully with flat shoes at this point. Do not re-use wet or dirty aggregate.


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