Anti-Static PVC Strip

Polycote Anti-Static PVC material has been professionally manufactured to provide a high static dissipative material whilst retaining our market leading qualities for strength and transparency. Due to its flexibility and strong resistance to impact, Polycote PVC stands up to the most demanding uses and is one of the most popular choices for manufacturers of PVC strip doors and partitions throughout the industrial and commercial markets.
This Anti-static PVC is ideal for use in all static sensitive areas such as electronic and data centres, explosive environments, mining and refining industries, chemical installations, factories and laboratories.

  • This completely clear static-dissipative PVC strip offers one of the highest levels of anti-static safety
  • Protects from static electrical charges
  • Manufactured in 50m rolls, from 200mm to 400mm wide
  • Barrier against insects, birds, spray dust and other contamination
  • Heavy duty strip to withstand constant use by HGV and forklift traffic
  • Lightweight strip for easy and comfortable pedestrian use
  • Dramatically reduces heat loss and noise levels
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Waterproof and chemical resistant
  • Environmentally friendly and fully recyclable

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Anti-Static PVC Strip Product Details