Flortex Clearseal

This clear, synthetic resin emulsion has a high solid content and has been designed for the protection of concrete surfaces from dusting and delamination, and to seal the floor from liquids, thus preventing staining and damage on concrete surfaces. Furthermore, the low viscosity formulation ensures maximum penetration into the capillary pores, strengthening the substrate.

Being extremely flexible, with an elongation rate of 350%, this make the coating ideal where there are high amounts of flexing, movement, and vibration.

  • Seals porous surfaces
  • Prevents dusting
  • Extremely flexible
  • Suitable for floors and walls
  • Solvent free, non toxic and non taint
  • Quick drying paint
  • May be applied to damp surfaces
  • Very easy application
  • Applied by brush, roller, or squeegee
  • Easy cleaning routines saving time and money

Most popular coverage and cure times for industrial users:

Pack sizes: 5L and 20L units

Coverage rate: 5L unit covers 40-50sq.m,

20L drum covers 160-200sq.m

Curing time @ 20°C: 3 hours minimum for foot traffic

24 hours minimum for vehicular traffic

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Flortex Clearseal Product Details

Quick and easy to apply and can be applied over most floors and also previously painted surfaces. With an elongation rate of 350% Flortex Clearseal is very flexible and as a result, is excellent for the sealing of timber surfaces, particularly mezzanine flooring. Due to its flexibility, it has good impact and abrasion resistance. Good resistance to stains and rubber marks.

Typical Areas of Use

Flortex Clearseal is very easy to apply and is ideal for most commercial areas: factory and warehouse floors, kitchens, food processing areas, garage areas, workshops, production, and plant rooms.

Proven since 1991 in almost every industry, Flortex Clearseal is very easy to apply and is ideal for most commercial areas: warehouses and showrooms, garage floors, workshops and factories, production areas, hospitals, and schools. It can also be used in domestic environments such as driveways, pathways, ramps and steps, storage areas and garages.

Suitable Substrates

After appropriate preparation, Flortex Clearseal may be applied to both old and new concrete floors, brick, and block paving, stone, and wood.  However, due to the many and varied paints on the market, make absolutely sure the existing sealer or paint has both fully cured and fully adhered to the substrate.

Colour & Packaging

Flortex Clearseal is milky white when applied, turning to clear as curing takes place. It is normally in stock and available to order and supplied in 5L and 20L units.

Condition of Substrate (Important)

If your concrete floor is suffering from oil contamination or rising damp, it is very important that the sealer you use is suitable for this. Please contact our team for technical advice to establish the correct method of preparation as well as the correct primer to be used, or indeed to discuss an alternative product more suited to your needs.

It is far more important to us to offer the RIGHT solution and have a happy customer, than a quick sale ending in disappointment!

Surface Preparation

Floor areas must be clean, dry, and free or all contamination. Oil and grease deposits may be removed by Polycote’s Degrease IT in accordance with relevant Data Sheet. The floor must be allowed to dry cleaned and any dust or debris swept or vacuumed off. Wall surfaces to be sealed should be brushed dry to remove dust, dirt, and loose material.

Alternative Products

Professional Help and Advice

No matter if you have a large or small requirement, if you are not sure which product to use, please feel free to contact our technical experts who will establish exactly what your issues are, along with the maximum amount of downtime you can allow to complete any work.

Only then will we advise the best preparation, the best primer and the best Floor Topping or Floor Screed, to meet YOUR specific needs.

Before using this product, please ensure you have received and read carefully both the Hazard Label applied to the container and the relevant Material Safety Data Sheet.

What Is Flortex Clearseal?

Flortex Clearseal is predominantly used as a clear floor sealer for new or old concrete floors, to help prevent dusting or delamination and to seal the floor from liquid spillages. Being clear, it is also ideal for where you might wish to protect decorative flooring such as natural stone, limestone, travertine, and block paving. Many warehouses lack a suitable concrete sealer and as a result, unpainted or unsealed, power floated concrete floors and floors are often the source of unwanted dust and oil and grease stains. Flortex Clearseal is an excellent answer as it’s durable with a low viscosity designed to penetrate, strengthen, and seal the surface and prevent dusting. This quick drying sealer for floors and walls has been proven in virtually every industrial and commercial area and offers long lasting protection, together with excellent resistance to liquid spillages.

Flortex Clearseal is a great option as it is easily applied by brush or roller at a rate of 8-10sq.m per litre and a much lesser price than the epoxy versions. However, please note that it’s not as resistant to harsher chemicals, solvents and oil spills as epoxy concrete floor paints and sealers are, so if you suffer from such situations, you may need to consider a different option.

Sealing or priming oil contaminated floors

You must regard your concrete floor as a ‘sponge’. In other words, it is full of air holes. As we know, if we pour water onto a bare concrete floor, it soaks into the concrete and, depending upon it porosity, will completely ‘disappear’. When the supply of water stops, the water within the substrate rises by capillary attraction and then dissipates into the atmosphere. Unfortunately, if you have spilt oil onto the bare concrete, it will certainly soak in but will never rise and dissipate. It will simply sit there on the surface and then spread itself from pillar to post as we know all too well, and most other floor sealers simply will not adhere to such a surface. Polycote OT Primer is THE answer to sealing an oily floor and all the technical advice and help is given on our OT Primer data sheet.

Sealing floors suffering from rising damp

Rising damp and moisture is a major issue when applying a concrete floor sealer or paint. Our DPM Primer is a highly professional formulation, that has been designed specifically to adhere to damp floors. When fully cured, this will then provide a superb waterproof barrier (damp proof membrane), and long term protection against rising damp. The coverage rates depend upon the severity of the problem along with the porosity of the floor. Two coats are mostly advised, with the second coat being applied at right angles to the first coat.

If a screed is to be applied over the area, then broadcast kiln dried sand onto the DPM Primer whist wet, to provide a key to which the screed will adhere.

Flortex Clearseal Concrete Floor Sealer FAQs

Yes it may be applied to damp concrete floors. Flortex Clearseal is predominantly used as a clear floor sealer for new or old concrete floors, to help prevent dusting or delamination and to seal and protect the floor from liquid spillages.

It’s a solvent free single pack, low odour formulation that is very safe and easy to apply and produces a dust free concrete floor with a subtle sheen.


Flortex Clearseal is used to seal a concrete floor. This could be a domestic garage floor, patio, paving or driveways to name a few. It also performs incredibly well in commercial environments such as warehouses and workshops, food processing areas and will provide a tough and durable surface that will easily withstand heavy use, traffic, and equipment.

It is a clear synthetic resin latex based concrete sealant dust proofer with low viscosity for excellent penetration into the pores of the concrete floor.


Application temperature should be between 5°C and 25°C. Allow the sealer to dry completely before reopening the area to traffic: foot traffic 3 hours, vehicular 36 hours. The coverage of Flortex Clearseal varies depending on the porosity of the concrete floor. As a guide the coverage is generally between 8-10m² per litre coat. The coverage of the second coat will normally be considerably more than the first.