Ribbed PVC Strip

Polycote PVC material has been professionally formulated to provide one of the toughest and most transparent PVC curtains available. Our Ribbed version provides the perfect compliment to an already successful range by offering a PVC strip material that has been specifically designed to reduce the amount of friction experienced with the standard product due mainly to the less surface area that comes into contact with products, personnel and/or vehicles passing through the curtain.
With less surface ?grab? area, this allows a much easier passage and id especially ideal when moving lighter items on pallet trucks as it reduces the likelihood of items being ?swept? off as they pass through.
Equally, a ribbed curtain is much better for use in garages as there is far lass surface area and friction with car bodies, thereby greatly reducing the possibility of surface scratching.
Due to its flexibility and strong resistance to impact, Polycote PVC stands up to the most demanding uses and is one of the most popular choices for manufacturers of PVC strip doors and partitions throughout the industrial and commercial markets.

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Far less friction and ‘grab’, than that caused by standard flat PVC Strips
  • Manufactured in 50m rolls, from 100mm to 400mm wide
  • Superb protection against insects, birds, spray dust and other contamination
  • Lightweight strip for easy and comfortable pedestrian use
  • Heavy duty strip to withstand constant use by vehicular traffic
  • Less surface area and friction, reducing damage possibilities
  • Dramatically reduces heat loss and noise levels
  • Massive cost savings by reduction in energy bills
  • Environmentally friendly and fully recyclable

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