Acraflex RG Reinforcing Membrane

Strong reinforcing membrane for Acraflex RG, Acraflex Standard and Wetterflex BG

  • Available in three different sizes
  • Very easy to lay
  • Provides extra strength for the Acraflex RG system

From Only: £25.90 (ex VAT)

1m X 100m
1m X 100m
1m X 10m
1m X 10m
1m X 5m
1m X 5m

Please note: Actual product colour may vary from the images shown.

Acraflex RG Reinforcing Membrane Product Details

RG Membrane is a reinforcing membrane designed specifically for use with Acraflex RG. It is embedded in the first coat to provide extra strength to the system. It is ideal for ares such as cracks, joints, angles and any other area where increased stress of movement may occur


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