WD Primer

buckets of WD primer on concrete floor

Substrate Preparation

If you have just applied an epoxy primer this is not necessary.

  • Ensure the floor is clean and all weak or loose paints or screeds are removed.
  • Once cleared, carry out the final surface preparation using: Etch IT – for a clean, unpainted surface. Degrease IT – for floors with oil and grease contamination. Mechanical preparation – is necessary if you need to remove old coatings screeds or if you are wanting to smooth out the surface.
  • Ensure your application tools are unwrapped, made up and ready to use.


  • Remove the lids of Part A (may be marked as ‘Resin’ or ‘Base’) and Part B (may be marked as ‘Hardener’ or ‘Curing Agent’).
  • Mix Part A separately to ensure any settlement in the can is stirred into the product.
  • Mix Part A and Part B together using a slow-speed drill for 2-3 minutes until both are completely mixed together and smooth.
  • Pour the mixed product into a roller scuttle or paint tray.


  • Using a hand brush, paint the product around the edges of the area you are working in. Be careful not to waste the product.
  • Once you have been painting the edge for around 5-10 minutes, start rolling the remaining product on the floor using a roller kit with a medium pile roller head. (Do not use foam). Please note: At this point you will only have 15-20 minutes left of your working time.
  • To add a non-slip aggregate:
    • As you are applying the coating, sprinkle the granules over the wet paint and, using the same roller, roll over the aggregate to cover it.

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