PVC Swing Crash Double Door 2b OVER 2.5m(h) x 2.5mm(w)

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PVC Swing Crash Doors are available in single or double doors and are the perfect answer for heavy traffic flows, particularly suited where the door is pushed open by trolley or vehicle rather than by person, hence the name ‘Swing Crash’ doors.
Manufactured from extremely heavy-duty PVC up to 12mm thick, can withstand an enormous amount of wear and tear, making them an ideal solution for both constant and heavy traffic flow.
Due to their high thermal qualities, these doors are used extensively in temperature-controlled environments such as cold-storage warehouses, fridges and freezers. Other areas where they are commonly used are in hospitals, food production areas, laboratories and chemical factories.
With many options and colours of PVC available (see below), these doors are the perfect combination of attractiveness and strength and enable unimpeded, safe and easy traffic flow.
Fully Transparent Using our SuperClear PVC material
Tinted Clear PVC Still see-thru but tinted for more attractive appearance
Solid Colour Totally opaque and ideal for where security and/or privacy is required
Semi-Rigid PVC This Semi-Rigid PVC is recommended for use in rapid roll-up doors, panels for swing doors and automatic doors. Also for installations in countries with warmer / hot climates

  • Door kit only – PVC sold separately
  • Full door kits and curtains sizes can be supplied to bespoke sizes
  • Extremely tough and abrasion resistant
  • Fully transparent, tinted or solid colour PVC
  • Superb thermal insulation, keeping cold/heat in or out!
  • 99% maintenance free
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Fast delivery, nationwide

PVC Swing Crash Double Door 2b OVER 2.5m(h) x 2.5mm(w) Product Details