PVC Curtain Sliding Rail – Straight (Twin Track)

Our Sliding Rail System is bespoke manufactured and allow the complete curtain to be moved aside, either as one whole or in 2,3 or even 4 individual sections. Smaller, individual sections are often useful where there is not enough room for the complete curtain to slide aside as one whole unit. (A lot of people forget that a 6m wide curtain needs at least 6m of free space at the side in which to slide the complete curtain!)
For even more versatile applications, we supply curved tracks to allow the curtain to traverse around corners.
Each kit is supplied / fitted with a pull cord and more importantly, a braking system for extra safety. This braking system dramatically extends the life of the curtain system, as the whole curtain can be very heavy and without such a ?brake?, the curtain tends to crash at the stopping point which inevitably gives way under such duress.
No matter how complicated your requirements are, you will find all you need here at Polycote UK, proven throughout the world since 1991. Whether it is a heavy-duty curtain required for the most demanding industrial environment or a lightweight system for a nursery school, we will happily discuss and design the best system for your needs.

  • All doors and curtains sizes can be manufactured to bespoke sizes
  • Available as one complete unit or in multiple, individual sections
  • Straight and Curved rails, allowing for almost any eventuality
  • Supplied with Pull Cords and Braking System
  • Extremely tough & durable
  • Fast delivery, nationwide

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£82.20 inc. VAT

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PVC Curtain Sliding Rail – Straight (Twin Track) Product Details