External Floor Paint

External Floor Paint is a high quality, high solids, single pack floor coating. With a tough yet flexible formation. Polycote’s External Floor Paint is built to withstand the demands of any outdoor industrial environment.

Our fast-drying polyurethane outdoor floor paint can be applied quickly and is extremely easy to use.

Can be supplied in an anti-slip variation.

  • Very tough and long-lasting
  • Single pack; extremely easy to use
  • Two coats normally required
  • Superb floor adhesion
  • Large range of colours (including dark grey and mid grey) to allow demarcation

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External Floor Paint Product Details

External Floor Paint is a high solids content external coating. With an extremely tough yet flexible formulation, it copes well with the wear and tear of concrete industrial yards, shop floors and is oil, grease, and chemical resistant.

External Floor Paint is a single pack product and is extremely easy to lay. The formulation offers short drying times and excellent floor adhesion, and it can be supplied as a smooth or slip resistant version.

When exterior floors are complete the surface will withstand foot and light traffic and has a smooth, gloss finish which means even concrete floors are extremely easy to clean.

External Floor Paint can be applied with a non-slip aggregate to create a slip-resistant finish. It is highly cost-effective and very fast drying. A fantastic solution for almost any concrete floor.

For block paving try Polycote’s blocks seal. An easily applied exterior sealer that binds and bonds the pavers together, it will protect and eliminate the problems associated with sand loss caused by vacuum sweepers, jet thrust, pressure washing or flooding. Suitable for driveways, a block paved garden as it prevents unsightly plant growth, patios, and other brick or stone surfaces.

Suitable substrates:

External Floor Paint may be applied to many exterior floors including old and new, unpainted concrete surfaces and tarmac, and is compatible with most previously coated substrates, but should be tested by painting a small area beforehand. Ideal for unpainted concrete floors.


External Floor Paint is available in a standard range of 12 different colours, including dark grey and mid grey, or to order in a large range of BS4800 colours (subject to minimum 30 units).


External Floor Paint is supplied in 5L units (or 7kg with added Slip Resistance).

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Typical Applications For External Floor Paint

Typical applications include garage floors. It is a superb concrete paint and can be used on driveways, cellars, garden paths and is an ideal patio paint. This patio paint can completely transform an area as it is available in various colours and make it aesthetically pleasing to the eye. View our entire selection of floor paints.