Duragrid Gritted

Extremely tough non-slip and chemical resistant GRP grating – non corrosive.

  • Non corrosive and chemical resistant GRP
  • Totally maintenance free
  • Premium strength with unrivalled non slip qualities
  • Easily cut to any size or shape – please ask
  • Fire retardent Class 0 & Class 1 avaliable

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Duragrid Gritted Product Details

The incredible strength of DuraGrid ensures complete safety and is ideal for heavy traffic.

Totally chemical and corrosion resistant, ensures extremely long life with areas still in heavy use after 16 years.

High flexural strength allows the retention of shape immediately after the cause of stress is removed.

Easily cut to any size or shape – please ask
Incredible strength to weight ratio
Safe working load deflections (per 1200kgs loading)
25mm – 3.55mm (with support spans @ 450mm)
38mm – 1.01mm (with support spans @ 450mm)

Typical Uses:
DuraGrid is ideal for factories, workshops, refineries, distilleries, kitchens, off-shore platforms, chemical plants, beverage plants, and any locality where safety of footing is paramount.