Balcony Coat

An incredibly tough waterproofing single pack polyurethane – UV resistant non yellowing formulation.

  • Totally waterproof
  • High elasticity to cope with expansion and contraction
  • UV resistant non-yellowing

£198.80 (ex VAT)

SKU: 8340599

Balcony Coat Product Details

Following many and varied requests for a tough, clear or coloured sealer for balcony and tiled areas this coating has been formulated to easily withstand pedestrian use, tables and chairs.

Balcony Coat retains high elasticity to cope with expansion and contraction well known on external areas and is an easy to use single pack, UV resistant non yellowing formulation.

Balcony Coat is totally waterproof and is the ideal solution for where water ingress is a problem.

Top Coat supplied in 5kgs units (Coverage: 25sq.m for the first coat and 12.5sq.m. for the second coat)
Primer is 0.8kgs (Coverage: 20-25sq.m).

Number of parts:1
Application temperature:10oC to 25oC
Drying time:Primer: 30 minutes
Top Coat: Allow minimum of 12 hours before overcoating
Coverage:1st coat: 25 sq.m.
2nd coat: 12.5 sq.m.

Please consult the technical data sheet for full product technical data.

Ensure Balcony Primer has thoroughly cured and the surface is clean and dry.

Balcony Coat is a substantial trowel applied coating and two coats are required.
1st Coat: Stir Balcony Coat thoroughly before adding Balcony Coat PU Thinners at a rate of 10% PU thinners (Please note: this is not the same as solvent cleaner or white spirit). Mix thoroughly to an even consistently. Apply at a rate of 5 sq.m. per 1kg using a roller or brush.
2nd Coat: Before commencing with the second coat, lightly abraid the first coat to ensure good adhesion. The second coat should be applied without thinners with a fine toothed trowel at a rate of 2.5 sq.m / kg


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