Wetterflex TG (Trowel Grade)

An instant, trowel-applied, flexible roofing compound paint designed for providing roofs with an immediate waterproof coating.

  • Gutter joints and flashings
  • Asbestos sheets
  • Large cracks or holes
  • Bad expansion areas

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Wetterflex TG (Trowel Grade) Product Details

Typical Uses:
Filling wider joints, cracks and holes, prior to application of other brush applied coatings. Ideal as an emergency compound coating due to its unique ability to adhere to a wide variety of substrates, in the pouring rain – even underwater.

Wetterflex TG is a trowel-applied, very dense solvent-based waterproof roof repair compound consisting of modified bitumen, mineral fillers, fibres, water-displacing agent and a specialist polymer to achieve exceptional adhesive strength to all roofing materials.
It may be applied in dry or wet conditions, during heavy rain or even under water, and is impermeable to water immediately after application.

Ideal for repairing gutter joints and flashings, asbestos sheets, large cracks or holes and bad expansion areas