Cretex MC Deepfill Std

Cretex® MC Deepfill Std is an extremely fast-curing concrete floor repair.

It is designed for larger or deeper holes and has an incredible 75N/mm² compressive strength after 2 hours.

  • Ready for traffic after only 45 minutes
  • Will feather-edge
  • Superb impact resistance

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Cretex MC Deepfill Std Product Details

Formulated primarily for coldstores, Cretex MC is extremely strong and ideal for heavy duty repairs where curing must take place extremely fast.
Ready for traffic after only 45 minutes
Incredible 75N/mm2 compressive strength after 2 hrs
Will feather-edge with superb impact resistance
Ideal for cold stores, fridges and freezers
For porous areas, prime the surface with MC Primer followed by Cretex MC Standard (Std) or Cretex MC Cold Store Grade (CSG).For thicker applications (15-50mm) use the Deepfill version.Where the temperature is above 0°C, use the Standard versions, however if the temperature is below 0°C, use the Cold Store Grade. Please note: you cannot use the standard version below 0°C, and you cannot use the Cold Store Grade above 0°C – they WILL NOT cure. If you are uncertain of the best solution, please speak to our technical department.Coverage:
Standard: 1 sq.m. @ 8mm thickDeepfill: 1 sq.m. @ 12.5mm thickPrimer: 10-20 sq.m.

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