Crackfiller EP100

Pourable crackfiller

Substrate Preparation

  • Ensure the floor is clean and all weak or loose paints or screeds are removed.
  • Once cleared, carry out the final surface preparation using: Etch IT – for a clean, unpainted surface. Degrease IT – for floors with oil and grease contamination. Mechanical preparation – is necessary if you need to remove old coatings screeds or if you are wanting to smooth out the surface.
  • Ensure your application tools are unwrapped, made up and ready to use.


  • Having fully prepared the substrate, add all the contents of the curing agent – Part B to the epoxy resin – Part A.
  • Mix thoroughly for several minutes using a low-speed electric drill until a clear homogenous mix is obtained
  • Keep all components at room temperature for at least 24 hours before use.


  • The material should be poured into the crack immediately after mixing using a jug or suitable pouring vessel.
  • A bead of caulk/ sealant may be applied temporarily along each side of the crack to prevent the flow of the material onto the surrounding area.
  • Surplus mixed material may generate considerable heat within the container at the end of the pot life.
    • Any unused material is best mixed with sand to reduce heat output before leaving to cure off and then discarding.

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