buckets of Aquatex compound coating

Substrate Preparation

  • Ensure the floor is clean and all weak or loose paints or screeds are removed.
  • Once cleared, carry out the final surface preparation using: Etch IT – for a clean, unpainted surface. Degrease IT – for floors with oil and grease contamination. Mechanical preparation – is necessary if you need to remove old coatings screeds or if you are wanting to smooth out the surface.
  • Ensure your application tools are unwrapped, made up and ready to use.


  • Gradually add the entire contents of a 25kg unit to 7.5-8.5L of clean water in a suitable bucket, mixing continuously while adding the powder. For best results use a heavy-duty slow speed drill with a mixing paddle.
  • Mix for at least 3 minutes after all the powder has been added until a creamy consistency is achieved.


  • Two coats of Aquatex should be applied using a brush or medium pile roller
  • The first coat should be applied in a horizontal direction (Left-to-right).
  • Once the first coat has cured, Aquaplug can be used to fill and seal off any weep holes or joints. This only takes 3-5minutes to cure.
  • After 24 hours apply a second coat in a vertical direction. (Top-to-bottom).
    • Do not retemper stiffened material.

If you have a joint that is leaking between a wall and the floor, or any other situation that is not covered in the steps above, please contact our technical advisers on 01234 846400

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