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Industrial Flooring Greenshields Case Study

industrial flooring

High-quality industrial flooring solutions are the only way to guarantee that your workshop, warehouse, factory or industrial facility floor can withstand the day-to-day and long-term demands of heavy-duty tasks and equipment.

Read the Industrial Flooring Greenshields Case Study to find out more.

No two businesses are the same. That’s why Polycote stocks a wide range of industrial floor coatings, primers, screeds, concrete floor paints and epoxy floor paint products to fulfil clients’ requirements every time.


The customer’s requirements involved the moving of heavy excavation equipment and large machinery. The objective was to install an industrial floor paint that could withstand the movement of up to 40-tonne machines.

Factory and industrial workplace floor conditions play a fundamental part in on-site safety.

However, after years of heavy traffic, the composition of the floor breaks down. This not only affects the appearance but more importantly, reduces productivity and safety of machinery and employees alike.

Our customer’s requirement was a long-lasting and durable solution that could withstand heavy weights with extreme wear and tear over an area of 540sq.m.


The existing floor was heavily contaminated and pitted. Therefore, installers used floor repair solutions that would overcome the existing damage and protect it against wear in the future.

We used Cretex EP Mortar to repair the existing substrate damaged and to provide a level surface.

Followed by OT Primer Standard, a highly specialised oil-tolerant primer to prime the remaining contaminated concrete surface. This was needed prior to the final application of our heavy-duty twin-pack epoxy floor paint, Flortex Professional.

EPS Linemarker was then applied to ensure a safer workplace by clearly defining walkways, forklifts and other hazardous areas.

This entire industrial floor paint solution provided by Polycote created an immensely hard-wearing, impervious and easy-to-clean floor. It not only matched but complimented the customer’s own core values, appearance and strengths.

OT Primer

OT Primer is an oil-tolerant epoxy primer specifically for use on contaminated concrete, where ‘standard’ primers consistently fail.

As well as incredible adhesion to oil-contaminated substrates, it also superbly penetrates into the substrate. This ensures unparalleled adhesion abilities in the most demanding of areas and is suitable to prime the surface before the installation of either coatings or screeds.

Flortex Professional

Polycote’s Flortex Professional is a best-selling epoxy floor paint and has been proven in almost every industry throughout the world for over 30 years.

Flortex Professional is one of the most durable 100% solids epoxy floor paints available with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance.

Additionally, Flortex Professional is a high gloss, hygienic and offers an impervious easy-clean finish.

Finally, we were able to manufacture the coating in the company’s own RAL colours to maintain consistency with the corporate colours and enhance the company’s image throughout its UK branches.

Warehouse line marking

Warehouse Line Marking is hugely important in industrial environments in order to ensure the safety of employees and equipment.

Polycote’s EPS Linemarker far outlasts single-pack paints and self-adhesive floor marking systems, offering excellent resistance to heavy wheeled traffic, oil and chemicals.

Apply a twin-pack epoxy Linemarking Paint is often extremely difficult due to the short pot life of epoxies once mixed.

EPS Linemarker is yet another of Polycote’s highly specialised formulations. It not only has a pot life of around 18 hours but will cure in just 2-4 hours (depending upon temperature) once applied.

This, therefore, allows an operative to apply 2 or even 3 coats from the same mix, thereby saving a huge amount of time and waste, normally associated with such work.




From the beginning to the end of the project, the Polycote team were dedicated to finding the right flooring solution.

Having ascertained exactly what was required by the customer, the durability, and the speed of cure needed to ensure the minimum downtime possible. We ensured the company were able to have flexible working arrangements in order to keep workflow and disruption to a minimum

Overall, the final appearance was extremely impressive with vibrant colours whilst ensuring incredibly high impact and chemical resistance. And to prove the point, please feel free to click on the video below where we turn unbelievable into the indisputable!

Our client was more than happy for us to demonstrate the durability and resistance of the finished flooring solution!

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