Do you have trade prices?

Yes. All of our prices on our website and catalogue are trade prices, excluding VAT. In addition, for larger orders we have bulk discounts which will give you a reduced price per unit the more you buy.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes we guarantee our products meet the manufacturing specifications we have provided. If there is a problem with our product we will put it right for you. It is not possible to guarantee the applied product as faults are either caused by problems with the substrate (movement or poor preparation), or by application errors. We can assist you with an assessment of your subfloor and provide you with guidelines for the preparation and application of our products so you can be confident of a great finish.

I have received a copy of your catalogue in the post with my customer number printed above my address. What do I need to do to set up an account?

If you have a customer number it means we have your details on our system should you wish to
place an order. If you need to set up an account you will need to call Polycote Customer Services on 01234 846 400, or simply order online at www.polycote.com

Do you manufacture your products yourself?

Our products are developed and branded by Polycote, and manufactured to our own specifications based on years of product and industry experience. You won’t be able to buy our products from anyone else – other than our brands that are resold in some builders merchants.